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Mark Drewett-Nation


Owner and Senior Instructor


"Let me start by giving you a brief outline of who I am.
I have helped to train people to become semi-professional fighters, I have got over 20+ years’ experience in martial arts, I have trained students between 2-68 years of age and I have achieved my level 2, level 3 and level 4 qualifications in Personal Training(Specialising in weight lose, lower back pain, obesity and diabetes).  I aim to make all the sessions professional but fun at the same time."

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Mark Drewett-Nation

Personal Trainer/Kickboxing Instructor


- Member of the W.U.M.A

- 37 Years of age

- 20+ years experience

- Inducted in the Martial Arts Hall Of Fame.

- Founder of Somerset Kickboxing Academy (S.K.A) in 2011.

- 5th Dan black belt

- Retired full contact fighter

- Full Contact World Champion 2018

- Welsh champion 2019

- National champion 2019

- European Champion 2019 +2022

- Multiple British Champion 

- Battle of England Champion 2019

-Double English Champion 2022

Level 4 personal trainer

- Level 4 obesity and diabetes

- level 4 lower back pain

- Level 3 GP referral

- Level 3 GP Referral Instructor 

- Active IQ level 2 Gym Instructor

- Active IQ level 3 Personal Trainer

- Origym Level 4 Personal Trainer

- Other Courses include Boot camp, Circuit Instructor, Advanced Fitness Training, Nutrition, Fight Training.

- British Instructor Convention(BIC) record for part of the top 40 instructors in Britain coming together for a seminar.

Personal training From £25 per hour with a FREE consultation. Book block Available

Private kickboxing training from £25 per hour.

Paul Holder

Kickboxing Instructor


- Member of the W.U.M.A

- 8+ years experience

- 3rd Dan black belt

- Instructor in many classes (North Somerset)

Paul is very dedicated to martial arts since day 1 and is a natural instructor.

He puts 100% into each class and also been to Thailand twice to train many hours per day.

Archie Stannet

Trainee Kickboxing Instructor


​​- Member of the W.U.M.A

- 14 Years of age

- 5+ Years experience

-1st Dan black belt

- Experienced trainer with a good work ethic towards himself and others.

Inducted in to the Martial Arts Hall Of Fame

- Received Pride of Somerset Award


Archie trains All the time and puts 100% into his work. His dream is to open his own classes up under SKA.

​Archie does not instruct without supervision from qualified instructors.

Dominic Long

Kickboxing Instructor


​​- Member of the W.U.M.A

- 18+ Years experience

-2nd Dan black belt


Dom has shown a natural talent in martial arts and has grown in confidence since joining us.

He has achieved His 2nd Dan black belt. He will be based in the Bridgwater HQ.

Dom has been Doing Martial arts since he was 11 years old.

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James Stone Kickboxing Instructor


​​- Member of the W.U.M.A

- 4+ Years experience


James has a heart of gold and is always willing to help others in need.

James will have his own classes to run from Feb but he also covers others if needed.

He will be based in the Bridgwater HQ.

Leon Tozer.jpg
Leon Tozer Kickboxing Instructor


​​- Member of the W.U.M.A

- 5+ Years experience

-1st Dan black belt


Leon has always had commitment and dedicationn since joining SKA and has grown in confidence over the years.

He will be based in the Bridgwater HQ/Street .

Aaron Lee.jpg
Aaron Lee Kickboxing Instructor


​​- Member of the W.U.M.A

- 15+ Years experience

-2nd Dan black belt


Aaron has got a wide knowledge of martial arts and also trained in Jeet Kune Do. Aaron is very passionate about martial arts and always gives a helping hand.

He will be based in the Bridgwater HQ.

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